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The Guilty Parent Club

Hello fellow parent. Feeling guilty that you’re doing it all wrong? Join the club. Discover how to shift the guilt & transform into a confidently imperfect parent.

Let's escape this guilt together

You try your best. You’ve read so much parenting advice, but somehow, it doesn't seem to work for you or your kids. How is everyone else managing so well? 


You lose your temper, or second-guess yourself... You worry about all the ways you could be messing them up. You want to do better than your parents did, but sometimes you feel you're making the same mistakes. 


You're overwhelmed with the pressure and responsibility of it all. You feeling guilty and anxious every evening, only to find yourself reacting the same way the next day. 

The Guilty Parent Club is here to help you be the present parent you really want to be - without the pressure of feeling there's a "perfect" way.

“I shouldn't work so much... I should do more with them... I shouldn't lose my temper so much...”
"I'm too strict with them... no, I'm not strict enough... I should know what to do, but I don't trust myself"
“I should be enjoying this time with them but it's so hard... what's wrong with me?"

You don't need to feel so exhausted, guilty and full of self-doubt! The Guilty Parent Club is here to help you feel more confident, calm, self-compassionate, and joyful... whilst rediscovering who YOU are too.


My Guilty Parent Escape Plan gives you a step-by-step map of evidence-based techniques to unlock more effortlessly imperfect parenting and reconnect with yourself.


Joining other parents in the Club creates the "village" we all need to feel more supported and less alone, and my live Q&As allow us all to troubleshoot along the way.

The Guilty Parent Escape Plan

We work step-by-step through my powerful blueprint:

The Guilty Parent Escape Plan.

-> It contains 6 "P Keys" to "unlock" more effortless parenting.

-> Each Key is for you AND for your child.

The Guilty Parent Escape Plan is made up of the 6 P Keys: Perspective, ImPerfection, Predictability, Playfulness, Power and Physical Support. These Keys help you with your well-being, and help you with parenting your child too.

I Know: You know what you SHOULD do with your kids, but stress takes over, and you end up reacting emotionally, then beating yourself up about it later.


If only you could stay calmer...

BUT: Even when you are calm, you second-guess how you are handling things... which makes you feel guilty. 


If only you could feel more confident...


The Guilty Parent Club helps us escape this vicious cycle from both angles. 

  • The Parent Keys give you concrete strategies to tackle the self-criticism, emotional overwhelm, unmet needs, lost identity and lack of support that make being a parent so much more difficult.

  • The Child Keys increase your confidence with the tricky boundary-setting situations we face every day, giving you a practical toolkit of ideas to help your kids listen and their brains stay calm.


The child Keys are suitable for kids aged up to 8. The parent Keys are suitable for parents of any age (!)

GPEP transparent.png

How will the Guilty Parent Club help me?

Bite-sized & Easy: 

Short audio podcasts & PDF worksheets that lead you step-by-step through the tools & techniques of each P Key - I know you're too busy for videos!

Better Together:

Live fortnightly Q&A sessions with me to troubleshoot each Key, reflect on what we learn, & practice the practical exercises as a group. 

Create a Village of on-going support by connecting with other parents in the members' community group.

On-demand & Flexible:

One P Key delivered per month, with weekly podcast instalments at a digestible pace. Lifetime access to the whole library. 


Follow-up reflections to help you get the most out of the materials & community.

Healthy & Effective:

Each P Key is built on the best neuroscience & evidence-based psychological techniques from my 1:1 therapy practice - distilled to get you results quickly & smoothly.

Join us:

Sign up now to be a Founding Member of the Guilty Parent Club!

Want to hear more? Listen here

Click below to hear me talking about the Guilty Parent Club. Hear more details and get a sense of what our Club podcasts will sound like!

Guilty Parent Club IntroDr Jo Mueller
00:00 / 05:07

What's my Why? 


I see so much parent guilt in my 1:1 practice but I KNOW it affects parents who can't make it to therapy, too. I'm a guilty parent too! There's so much pressure nowadays & we're all constantly second-guessing ourselves.


I want to stop this cycle! I’m on a crusade to use my expertise and experience to help as many parents as I can feel less guilty, self-critical & stressed, & more like yourself again, so you can be the parent you want to be for your kids.


That's what the Guilty Parent Club is here for, & it's so much better when we do it together.

Photo of Dr Jo Mueller, Clinical Psychologist

About me

I’m Dr Jo Mueller, and I’m a Clinical Psychologist. I specialise in working with parents to help you be as understanding to yourself as you try to be to your kids. Because parenting is HARD and I get it.


I’ve been privileged to work with parents and children around the world for the last 15 years, including a decade in UK NHS mental health services.


I have worked on parenting research studies at renowned London universities, including designing 

specialist parenting programmes, and delivering training in evidence-based parenting approaches.


I'm also a mum of two myself, so - I see you. I understand the day-to-day realities of parenting, and I can help.



"I can't begin to describe the positive impact that this has had on our family life... I've gained so many strategies to guide me through the minefield of parenting... & feel enlightened about the importance of being kind to myself"
---  Course member

"Jo's course was ace. She comes across as kind & knowledgeable but like, down to earth too. You know sometimes how people that know loads about children or are teaching you something can be a bit preachy or know it all? It's not like that at all, which is nice"
---  Course member

How much is it to join The Guilty Parent Club?

The Guilty Parent Club Logo

The Guilty Parent Club Founding Cohort started on 18 September 2023.


Sign up to our waiting list to join when the doors open to the next cohort. Both parents are welcome with one membership.

Monthly instalment or full payment options available. Come join us!

You're on the waitlist! I'll be in touch when the doors open for the next cohort.

Ready to join our club?

The 6 P Keys

Unlock the Guilty Parent Escape Plan

Find out below how each P Key will take you one step closer to feeling more like yourself again, as well as giving you tools and techniques to help your child listen - leading to you both feeling calmer, less guilty, more confident & better connected.


This P Key module includes:


  • How to identify our triggers & buttons to make them more predictable & preventable

  • Attachment vs Identity-based buttons

  • How our childhood affects our parenting & guilt in the here & now

  • How to handle consistency vs flexibility

  • Why predictability keeps your child's brain calm while setting boundaries

  • Highly effective predictable visual & language tools to help your kids to follow instructions

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