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I just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying the Guilty Parent Club podcasts and how incredibly brilliant I think they are. I'm learning a lot. Even just as a person, you can apply so much of what you're teaching us to your whole life… I actually just think that this Club should be a prerequisite to becoming a parent!

I contacted Jo when I was experiencing a time of extreme stress and emotional upheaval in my life, and had gone from being the calm and mindful parent I had always set out to be, to a shouty, nagging version of myself, who could no longer relate to her children in a positive way.


I felt very stuck and overwhelmed, and really needed a space to explore ways to reconnect with my children, and find some alternative solutions to help deal with particularly stressful points during the day.


Jo offered an incredibly warm, relatable and non-judgemental space in which to safely explore my concerns. She worked gently with my feelings of shame around the parenting I was less than proud of, and her compassionate approach helped me to find ways to be kinder to myself and become more aware of my inner critic. 


I really valued our sessions together, and came away with both practical solutions and a renewed awareness of the importance of caring for myself in order to better care for my children.

I found the Calm & Connected Parent course really useful in ways that I wasn't expecting. I've become a better-functioning parent and more at peace with myself.


I realised I feel a lot of shame (which most of the time I thought was guilt) and I've been able to resolve some of those difficult feelings just by recognising that they exist.

The Calm & Connected Parent course has helped me bring a new awareness to situations that usually overwhelmed me.


It has been healing and constructive to join and share with other parents who are also struggling but striving to be the best parent they can be.


Jo is reassuring and realistic, full of compassion and helpful tips and exercises to practise to help become a more mindful parent - a toolbox for the future!

Dr Jo is very empathic and has a great sense of humour, so even unpleasant topics were easy to work on! 

Although we only just signed up to Guilty Parent Club, I already feel globally much calmer. What's most astonishing is how quickly we saw a change in behaviour from the children! Thank you Dr Jo for your invaluable tools. I am looking forward to finding out more of the tools for an even happier family!

The Calm & Connected Parent course was everything I'd hoped for and more. High quality content, well-structured, interactive and also a lot of fun! I've gained so many strategies to help guide me through the minefield of parenting and I feel much more in control of the many difficult situations that crop up regularly with my three year old tearaway.

Not only did Dr Jo introduce me to mindful parenting but also enlightened me about the importance of self care and being kind to myself. I can't begin to describe the positive impact that this has had on our family life. I'm less anxious, my child is better behaved. I'm delighted with my new mindfulness skills and I met some wonderful new friends along the way.

I turned to Jo for individual therapy sessions when we started to have some concerns about our younger daughters’ behaviour in school.


From the very first quick chat she made me feel at ease and understood. She really looked at the family situation from every angle and gave us practical tips and ideas to make things run smoother and ease tensions.


I would 100% call on her again if I needed help and would probably do so much earlier than before – sometimes we try to resolve things on our own when a real professional will untie all the knots much more efficiently.

I attended Dr Jo's Calm & Connected Parent Workshop, and although I was initially searching for a ‘what to do if this happens’ (i.e. an easy fix) - actually Dr Jo was right in that starting from a place of knowledge and understanding is far more helpful… to allow you to manage yourself… and adapt and refocus your approach with your child. 

You really can count on Dr Jo to answer any questions you have about parenting. Her non-judgmental demeanor and kindness puts you at ease. Her approach is gentle and explains things thoroughly and thoughtfully.

Jo comes across as kind & knowledgeable but like, down to earth too. You know sometimes how people that know loads about children can be a bit preachy or know it all? It's not like that at all, which is nice

Let's talk

I know that the most important thing when making the leap to contact a psychologist, or join a course, is to find someone who you can connect with and who “gets” you and your family. Find out if I can help by booking a free 15 minute chat where I can answer any questions and see if we'd be a good match.

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