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The Brain-Based Parenting Bootcamp

Join us on the Brain-Based Parenting Bootcamp to transform your parenting by understanding your child’s brain

"I can't begin to describe the positive impact that this has had on our family life... I feel much more in control."

On-Demand Brain-Based Parenting


Watch our bite-sized video programme at your own pace

Bootcamp PLUS: Video library plus  Live 4 hour


September 2024

In-person: Geneva

Online: Contact us

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Is the Bootcamp for me?

Most relevant for parents of children aged 0-5 years,

the Brain-Based Parenting Bootcamp is for you if:


  • You’re struggling with how to manage tantrums, whining, hitting, setting boundaries, or a hundred other stressful parenting situations – and you want to know how to handle them calmly and confidently

  • Your child doesn’t seem to listen no matter what you try – and you wish you knew how to find the tricky balance between being consistent and compassionate

  • You're sometimes confused by your child’s behaviour – but you would like to understand what's happening in their brain and connect with their point of view

  • You want to parent in a way that nurtures your attachment relationship – and lays the foundations for your child to eventually calm and regulate themselves

  • You'd like a toolbox of ideas you can use flexibly, rather than a list of rigid parenting rules, and a reassuring sense that you're already the parent your child needs

  • You'd like to feel more on the same page as your partner - come along together.

Meet the facilitators

Developed and led by two parenting experts, Dr Jo Mueller, Clinical Psychologist, and Rachel Colin-Jones, Parenting Coach and Specialist Family Nurse, the Brain-Based Parenting Bootcamp will take you on a journey of discovery to equip you with both scientific knowledge and practical parenting strategies that will transform the way you approach parenting. 

Photo of Dr Jo Mueller

Dr Jo Mueller

Hello! I’m Dr Jo Mueller, and I’m a Clinical Psychologist and mum of two. I specialise in working with parents to help you feel more calm, confident, and connected to your child. I’ve been privileged to work with mums, dads, and children around the world.

Photo of Rachel

Rachel Colin-Jones

Hi! My name is Rachel from Our Parenting Journeys. I am both a mum and a parenting coach with a background in specialist family nursing. My goal is to support, equip and empower you, wherever you are on your parenting journey.

Tell me more!

The Brain-Based Parenting Bootcamp is designed to make parenting easier and less stressful, helping you to feel more confident and connected to your child. 


Each Bootcamp video translates cutting-edge neuroscience into realistic parenting strategies that are healthy AND effective, and can be immediately implemented.

Dr Jo and Rachel have over 30 years of combined experience in the field of parenting and child development. The Brain-Based Parenting Bootcamp is distilled from their direct work with hundreds of families, as well as from neuropsychological research.

Join us on the Bootcamp if you would like to:

  • Grow your understanding of the incredible ways your baby and child’s brain develops 

  • Learn why the early years are uniquely important in building foundations for later emotional, social, and psychological functioning 

  • Discover how to incorporate this knowledge into your parenting approach, wiring your child’s brain for their future 

  • Feel confident in setting brain-based boundaries for your child that are healthy, memorable, and effective

  • Understand that each child and each parent is different, and how to use strategies flexibly for your family

Braid for School

Bootcamp Topics

Building Brains: How Brains Grow & Develop 

The Early Years: Wiring Up The Brain For Future Health & Wellbeing 

The 6P Blueprint: Effective, Healthy Parenting With Brain-based Boundaries

Join the Brain-Based Parenting
Bootcamp Today

On-Demand Parenting Bootcamp



Transform your parenting approach with our expert, evidence-based programme

Valid for 12 months

3.5 hours of bite-sized videos to guide you step-by-step

Evidence-based parenting guidance at your own pace

Practical and realistic tools to use straight away

Memorable framework to increase child regulation

Bootcamp PLUS Live Workshop



Our evidence-based on-demand programme PLUS a Live Workshop with our experts

Valid for 12 months

All the benefits of the On-Demand Bootcamp

Plus 4 hour workshop for tailored support

Share your journey with other parents

In-person or online workshop options available

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"I took the course and cannot recommend it enough. Really eye opening, gave me a lot of perspective 

and made me rethink how to parent.


I also appreciated the possibility to exchange with parents sharing the same struggles and discussing possible solutions. One year later I still think of the 6Ps! Thank you Rachel and Jo!"

"By joining the bootcamp, my husband and I learnt so much about how to communicate and support our children, have realistic expectation of their capabilities, and be calmer parents. It was the first time we took a parenting course together, and I am so glad we did. It is great to feel like we will both have the same parenting approach moving forward."

"I learned so much on this bootcamp that helps me understand my children and myself better and I'm already using some of the strategies when I'm faced with a difficult situation.


...everything seems less chaotic and I feel less stressed.

I only wish I would have done this course much earlier. Can only recommend it."

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