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Parent Neurodivergence Screening

A screening assessment to explore whether neurodivergence might be impacting you or your parenting

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 320 British pounds
  • Online

About this session

The Parent Neurodivergence Screening is for parents who have begun to question whether neurodivergence might be impacting on you, or your parenting, and would like to have a clearer idea of a path forwards. We will meet for an 90 minute assessment session (online) to gather information about your concerns and symptoms, and how they affect you both personally and in your role as a parent. As part of my neuroaffirmative practice, we complete standardised screening questionnaires together during the session [rather than asking you to complete them alone] for experiences associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC). By the end of the session, we will draw together the information we have gathered, and discuss an action plan. This plan will include a recommendation for whether a formal assessment for ADHD and/or Autism would be justified, as well as suggestions for other helpful interventions or resources. If you decide not to pursue a formal assessment and diagnosis, you may wish to book a series of consultation sessions to explore helpful coping strategies relevant to the strengths and difficulties highlighted by the screening assessment. If a full assessment is recommended and you would like to pursue this, I offer online assessments for both parent ADHD and Autism. The assessment process for each complies with gold-standard protocols and I work with a neurodiversity-affirming approach: - Clinical interview sessions - Standardised assessment measures and scoring - Gathering information from external informants (where possible) - Multi-disciplinary team discussion - Clinical feedback session - Detailed assessment report - Personal and parenting-focused recommendations - Signposting to helpful resources An adult ADHD assessment costs £1600. An adult Autism assessment costs £2000. A combined assessment costs £3000. If you have taken part in the screening assessment, the cost will be taken off the cost of the full assessment.

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