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Individual Therapy

Therapeutic sessions for you as a parent and as a person

  • 55 min
  • 140 British pounds
  • Online Session

About this session

In individual therapy, we have the freedom to understand and resolve the dilemmas or difficulties that you bring. As parents, we often face issues that are related to our role as a parent but are also about us as a person. You might be facing several inter-linked issues, and this open-ended approach allows us to work flexibly on multiple concerns. Perhaps the difficulty you are seeking help with is long-standing or more complex in nature, and you would like the opportunity to properly address it in your own time and space. Our initial sessions will begin with an assessment phase to help us map out the issues that have brought you to therapy, and to develop a joint understanding of why these difficulties have come about, and what is keeping them going. Then, depending on your needs and preferences, we can work in a more goal-focused or a more exploratory way, tailoring the therapeutic approach specifically to you. I often work with one parent individually in a therapeutic context, and provide parenting consultation to them or to the parenting couple alongside this. The fact that individual therapy does not have a pre-set end date does not mean you will be in therapy forever! Courses of therapy may be as short as 6 sessions, or last as long as is needed or wanted. We will regularly review how things are going to make sure that you are getting what you need from our work together, and so that we know when it is the right time for you to pause or finish sessions. Good to know: - Either for you, or in relation to your child, or both - Able to consider a wider variety of issues and concerns - Possibility to work in an exploratory or more goal-focused way - Open-ended but collaborative, involving regular reviews and planning

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