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Free Webinar: Evidence-Based Boundaries

Understand the science & get on the same page as your partner

  • Online Zoom

About this session

Join me for this free webinar introducing the science behind the boundaries we set for our kids. We’ll talk about what parenting boundaries are, why they’re important, and when we need to set them. We’ll look at the research evidence around different styles of teaching boundaries, and the one key factor we need to keep in mind as parents when navigating these moments. This introduction will help you to get on the same page as your partner or co-parent. It will also help you to understand how we can get stuck in a cycle of stress & guilt as parents when we're trying to set boundaries for our kids. I'll tell you more about why I set up the Guilty Parent Club, & how it can help you feel calmer & more confident with boundary-setting. No hard sell, just an opportunity for you to get to know me better & understand my approach to supporting parents. There'll be time for some Q&A too! The session will be recorded and will be available to anyone who signs up. If you can't make it, sign up then let me know and I will send you the recording link afterwards. I’ll keep you up to date with details about the Guilty Parent Club and the Brain-Based Parenting Bootcamp afterwards, but you can opt-out of this whenever you like. See you there!

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