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3Ls for handling tricky feelings

This process is simple, but not easy!

Paradoxically, the more we can recognise and allow our difficult feelings to be where they are, without trying to make them go away, the more likely they are to gradually subside. It's just like quicksand. The more you struggle, the faster you sink.

Try out the 3 Ls:
1. Label. Simply labelling our emotions aloud is scientifically proven to help us regulate them.
2. Locate. Knowing where you feel an emotion in your body can help you to allow it to exist, without it overwhelming you.
3. Let it be. Repeating the phrase "...and that's ok" to whatever you find can help you to remember that all feelings are human.

If you notice that this is hard, just remind yourself - that's ok too!

Our brains respond to physical touch and self-talk in the same way as when it comes from someone else. It can soothe us quickly. Our brains are wired for social connection, and we’ve all been low on this recently. Give it a try, even if it feels a bit strange to start with.

You can also narrate this process out loud when your child is near you. It will help them learn that emotions are all safe and ok.

What do you think? Let me know below.


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